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Newcastle University Student Accommodation


Newcastle University offers residential halls at their Newcastle and Central Coast campuses. You can check these facilities online at BestStudentHalls.com. The residential precincts are suited with an impressive range of facilities as well as diverse living environments so as to suit students with special needs, couples, postgraduates, and undergraduates.

The residential halls are situated only 20 minutes from the CBD and the city’s beaches. The diverse residential community offers students the opportunity to develop skills, forge lifelong relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, etc.

The residents at the student halls are supported by a kmn3etd62y7eu82u892bevy of professional staff who work hand in hand with the University’s Residential Leadership Team so as to provide an all-inclusive Residential Life program which offers strong social and academic support as well as a range of fun activities to cater for different tastes.

The student-focused facilities in the residential halls include study areas, indoor and outdoor social spaces, and common rooms. For complete peace of mind of all student residents, there is a twenty-four-hour security as well as on-call resident support.

Each residence grants a range of accommodation options. For example, there is the option of private or shared facilities or private and shared rooms.

The personnel in charge of the residential halls also offer different living arrangements designed to suit students who seek the ease of fully catered meal options. There is the option of semi-catered living and self-catered meal options as well.

There are important considerations a prospective student will need to make before settling on either self-catered or a catered meal options. The same considerations will inform the student’s choice of a hall of residence. The decision will depend on:

If you want to stay in a small or large community- some sites accommodate scores of students, thus, offering a student village gvcr3ef5t26e772u56t26y2atmosphere. To some students, this is acceptable while other students disdain the whole idea. For the students who do not want to live in such a large community, there are sites with a fewer number of students.

If you want to be mixed gender or single-gender rooms- A student has the liberty to choose if they want to stay in a mixed-gender residence hall or a single-gender residential hall.


Remember that en suite facilities are more expensive than other facilities. Also, distance to campus affects the cost of any room: the nearer to campus the room is, the more costly it is.

Self-catered or catered?

This may also affect your choice of residence. So, consider it wisely.

Any special requirements? If a prospective student is suffering from some disability, there are residential halls suited for people with special needs.