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E Liquid Smoke – Tips to quit smoking

E Cig

One of new ways to quit smoking is using E liquid. As you know, smoking is dangerous to your health due to both the smoke and nicotine. The smoke contains over 40 chemicals making it more dangerous than the nicotine.

Chemicals such as benzene (usually found in petrol), Ammonia (broad range of applications in toilet cleaners), E Cigarette 01Formaldehyde (embalming fluid), and many more are available in cigarette smoke. Inhaling of such chemicals is harmful to your health and body. These 40 chemicals give you 40 good reasons to stop smoking traditional cigarettes today.

Starting following good practices daily to quit smoking. The tips below will save your life and health when you quit smoking:

Start your day with positive thinking

If you are to stop smoking you need always to think about it. The majority of smokers believe it is hard to quit smoking, and therefore they fail to attempt even. Every day, have a positive mindset, and this will energize your day. Try to avoid the presence of any particular smoker. Sometimes te presence of smokers will deviate your focus on quitting smoking.

Use e-Liquids

These are available in the market in different flavors. You will get your share of nicotine, without consuming the heavy, harmful chemicals. However, the do not overpower the flavor of traditional cigars, but since you are quitting, they will help you. The good thing with these substances is the fact that they provide high quality and consistency in flavor. Also, they do not contain tobacco flavouring. Always store them away from easy access to the children and the E Cigarette 02bottle lids should be well closed.

Eat healthy diets

Always eat a healthy diet on regular basis. A good diet plays a crucial role in helping you quit smoking. Add fruits to your meals and more liquids. Eat fruits such as carrot, apple, celery, and many more. Go for foods rich in Vitamin C as they have lots of antioxidants.
Avoid coffee and liquor
Coffee and liquor are good liquids, but it is also good to avoid them. Liquor is said to lower the amount of water in your body and can encourage you to smoke. Coffee has the same effects as it contains a high amount of caffeine. In fact, if you consume large amounts of coffee, then you may get more harm than coffee.

Exercise regularly

Exercise has been found to be very useful to your health and body. When you exercise regularly, some nicotine gets out of your body with sweat. You will also be energized to use E liquid to quit smoking.