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Advantages Of Liquid Chalk Markers Over The Traditional Sticks

Chalk Marker 02

Nowadays, people are more comfortable with markers to write on blackboards to avoid unhealthy, disturbing chalk dust. These are the benefits you get by using this new invention.

Dust free

The traditional chalk sticks usually produce very large amounts of dust. This can affect your hands, clothing, Chalk Marker 01furniture, and floors. Dust is also able to float and remain in the air for extended periods. Therefore, it can affect even distant objects and rooms. Dust from chalks makes its way into electronic devices such as music systems, computer systems, DVD players, and many more. This reduces the lifespan of such devices. The process of cleaning and clearing the dust is time-consuming. All these can be avoided by using their liquid counterparts.

Better appearance

The liquid versions look stylish and appealing as compared to the traditional ones that were boring and dull. The modern ones are characterized by smart and clean looks, which are attractive to the eyes. Also, the boards used look more polished, smoother, and attractive. The traditional chalkboards look gloomy and dark.

Chalk Marker 03Reduced chances of allergies

Other than chalk dust, which has serious health issues, dust is known to trigger allergic reactions and cause respiratory conditions. If you are asthmatic, you will find it hard to use the traditional ones. Other reactions include eye irritations, coughing, and skin infections. Dust from chalk remains in the air for long time. It therefore, causes air pollution. In fact, it is dangerous to kids as they breathe faster than the adults and are more affected by this type of pollution. This explains why schools have shifted from the use of traditional chalks to these modern ones.


Contemporary markers are known to be versatile in terms of appearance and color, than the conventional ones. You will find them available in broad range of colors. This gives them a vibrant and attractive look to your writings. You are free to choose colors depending on your needs. The different colors can highlight your messages and attract the attention of your audience. Moreover, they are used on different surfaces such as stone, canvas, metal, paper, and Chalk Marker 02many more. You can use them anytime and anywhere.

Long lasting

These markers use ink for writing. They, therefore, last relatively longer than traditional chalks. They are great in case of announcement boards and sign boards. You can also remove them with the aid of an eraser. You will find modern chalk markers an effective and convenient option to conventional chalk sticks.