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How To Promote Your Small Business With Facebook


Social media is an integral part of marketing in any given business. Facebook takes the largest part of social media. There are other sites such as MySpace and Friendster came and went. LinkedIn and Twitter have their benefits but are limited in several ways. Facebook remains to be a social media channel, which meets the needs of small and large companies alike.

There tg3e6dgew7dhws872u92i2are different ways you can market your product or business on Facebook. The best strategy is to create a “fan page” and then invite people to like it. In short, Facebook gives you the opportunity to build a mini-website for free. You can use it to acquire thousands of targeted customers.

In this post, we share important tips that will help you to maximize your fan page so that you can improve sales and grow the customer base. Before you begin, you need to have clear goals. It is necessary to understand the main marketing goal. Are you interested in driving better brand management and even increasing your bottom line? Other goals are possible; it is necessary to have your primary targets.

Get real

A lot of corporate websites seem to be boring, cold, and flat. You need to get real by talking about what is going on across the world. Mention what is happening in your city. Thus, keep updating it with latest updates and news. You need to have content that is warm, upbeat, informative, and engaging. In this way, a lot of people will be happy to come and tell your friends about it.

Post regularly

It is necetg3erdf6cy3e7u282iu92ssary to update your page on a routine basis. Failure to do so will not offer the frequency that you require to keep the message to your potential prospects and fans. Thus, if you have manpower and time, you should try to have an optimum effect.

Maximize SEO

It is necessary to use keywords in your address and page name. It is advisable to add a name of your city to the name as that will help in rankings.

Consider contests

You should note that contests are a top way of sparking interest, likes, and enthusiasm, particularly with new fan page. In fact, there is no need of elaborating. Games and quizzes work well. Also, you should give freebies and ensure to congratulate winners in another post. It is advisable to carry out a co-promotion with non-competing advertisers.