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ps42With all the research done, it seems that the Sony PlayStation 4 is currently ahead of all the other consoles.

People might question this and claim that the Microsoft Xbox One should be tied for that number one spot. The rankings for both these consoles consisted of price, performance, as well as accessories. These three factors were the main deciders of which game console came up on top.

With the PlayStation 4, as well as the Xbox One appearing on the markets both in late 2013. They’ve been pitched head to head as the latest and greatest consoles around for the moment. Both the PlayStation 4 as well as the Xbox one have online multiplayer modes. The only difference is that for the Xbox users, to access this online multiplayer feature they are required to pay for Xbox Live. This is one of the reasons that the PlayStation 4 is the best console of the year. The edge also has to go to the PlayStation 4 with the retail price of USD $399, while the runner up would be the Xbox one with a retail price of USD $425.

Some downfalls of the PlayStation 4 are that the PlayStation 3 games currently do not work with this console. It has been announced recently that closer to the end of 2015, all the PlayStation 4’s will receive an update which would then allow users to play the old PlayStation 3 games. The PlayStation also has a feature which users would have to pay for, however it isn’t a necessity to have. This feature is called the PlayStation Plus, where owners pay for either a monthly or yearly membership. This then allows users to download and play certain games for free. As for accessories for this console, if owners would like PlayStation Move. They would have to order it separately, and pay an additional USD $50 or so. This is still cheaper than the Xbox Kinect, which retails at approximately USD $100.

Overall, the PlayStation 4 is currently the best game console of 2015. Thoughps4 there are many other competitors out there, such as the Wii U, as well as the Xbox One. Sony has been constantly communicating with owners of the PlayStation, and trying to make it a better experience for everyone. Therefore increasing their success, as well as their title of having the best console. All these facts provided should easily answer the question of “which is the best game console of the year?”