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Effective mosquito control methods for home owners

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Mosquitoes can become a nuisance, not just with their buzzing noise but also bites. The most dangerous one is the female anopheles mosquito that feeds on human blood. Since mosquito bites transmit diseases, homeowners do all they can to adopt effective mosquito control methods. Below are some of the methods used to control mosquitoes around homes.

Eliminate any possible breeding places around your homeMosquito 11

If you do not give them a chance to lay eggs and breed, then they would not be a problem at all. Mosquitoes usually lay eggs in standing water. The following tips are to help you get rid of standing water around your home.

· Changing and cleaning bird baths weekly

· Remove any standing water from flat roofs

· Clean roof gutters after a storm and ensure you remove all the leaves and twigs

· Properly maintain and clean the swimming pools. Ensure that they are well chlorinated especially before you leave for a trip.

Do not create room for mosquitoes to hide at daytime

Mosquitoes are normally active towards the evening and during the night. Trimming vegetation such as weeds, grass and shrubs will be a sure way of preventing them from hiding around your home.

Use mosquito repellants

Repellents are not meant to kill mosquitoes but to reduce the incidence of mosquitoes alone by making you less attractive to them. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has approved four mosquito repellants. These include

· Oil of lemon eucalyptus

· Deet

· Picaridin

· IR3535

Mosquito 09Apart from these, there are also other herbal repellents that are purely home based and can cause you no harm at all. These are neem oil, camphor, tulsi, garlic, tea tree oil, lavender, citronella, and other plant trees.

Things to note when using mosquito repellents approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency

· They are not meant to be used on wounds and other cuts on the body

· Only to be applied on exposed skin, not under clothing.

· DEET, in particular, should not be used on babies less than two months old.

Use mechanical barriers

Mosquitoes can be kept from invading your house by ensuring porches, windows and doors are screened tightly. It is, therefore, important that homeowners find alternative ways of keeping their homes ventilated rather than leaving the doors and windows wide open all day.

Use of insecticides

Insecticides can also help in the control of mosquitoes. However, this will depend on the individual as some people Mosquito 07cannot just tolerate them. You can spray them on the water to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. Others are also meant to control already grown adult mosquitoes. Residents can also take advantage of mosquito control services offered by community agencies.


Despite the fact that some mosquitoes do not suck blood, some are equally dangerous. Bloodsucking mosquitoes are known to cause deadly diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. This, therefore, calls for the adoption of effective mosquito control techniques. The control should target not only adult mosquitoes but also the larva.