Fresh ingredients for fish soupWhich is the best diet of 2015?

We’re half way through the year of 2015, and currently there are a number of great diets around. Our findings however has found that the current best diet is called the DASH diet.

The aim for this diet is to lower blood pressure, as well as lower the intake of calories. Which then would lead to weight loss, as well as improved cardiovascular circulation.

The DASH diet was created in conjunction with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. It was tailored by professionals in the area, and is simple to ease into. The recommendation to ease into this diet is to add one vegetable serving to one meal, while adding a serving of fruit to another. Eventually leading up to making two or so meat-free dishes per week. The Do’s as well as Don’ts for this diet consist of including a large amount of grains as well as vegetables to the diet. These foods would be rich in fiber, calcium, as well as protein. It’s recommended to stay away from salt and sugary desserts. Fruit is suggested as a replacement for these desserts.

This diet stays within the recommended daily intake limit for fat, protein, carbohydrates, salt, as well as other nutrients. These other nutrients category consists of fiber, potassium, calcium,vitamin B-12, as well as vitamin D. Since the diet covers all of these daily nutrients, daily supplements aren’t required. There have been numerous studies done on this diet, in multiple occurrences this diet has controlled diabetes. It has been found that there are no health risks involved in this diet, however potential dieters are strongly advised to check with their doctor before embarking on this diet.

The main aim for this diet was to lower blood pressure. In studies done by the diet2National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, it’s proven that the DASH diet does lower blood pressure. It reduces the bad cholesterol, which is called “LDL” while increasing the good cholesterol, which is named “HDL”. This reduces the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Since DASH does not restrict foods, it’s one of the simpler food regimes to follow. This diet is also cheaper than most sugary foods, as the DASH diet mainly consist of vegetables, fruits, as well as grains. Due to all the reasons mentioned above, this is currently the only answer to “which is the best diet of 2015”.